The environmentally friendly commercial waste and recycling services you need

LePage & Sons, based in Bethel, MN offers commercial front-load trash and E-Z SORT recycling collections from an on-call basis to as much as six collections per week. You’ll find containers with secure locking lids that lock, which will detour any passers by from dumping their waste into your containers. All our services are environmentally friendly. 

Service areas for our commercial services include Anoka County and several cities in bordering counties of Hennepin, Ramsey, Isanti, and Sherburne.

Commercial container sizes offered:

*Measurements are approximate measurements of the outside dimensions of each container. Actual sizes vary by container manufacturer.

• 96 Gallon           26″ Wide, 35″ Deep, 46″ High

• 2 Yard                 82″ Wide, 43″ Deep, 48″ High

• 3 Yard                 82″ Wide, 50″ Deep, 54″ High

• 4 Yard                 82″ Wide, 60″ Deep, 48″ High

• 6 Yard                 82″ Wide, 68″ Deep, 70″ High

• 8 Yard                 82″ Wide, 82″ Deep, 74″ High

10, 15, 20, 30 and 40 yard roll-off containers are also available for larger volumes of waste removal.

Save time and money with E-Z SORT Recycling

LePage & Sons commercial recycling collection offers E-Z SORT recycling. This means you can now put all of your office paper, junk mail, cans, glass, and plastic containers in with your cardboard.

E-Z SORT recycling should save you time by not having to sort, space with fewer containers on site, and money with more materials recycled. Ultimately, E-Z SORT recycling decreases your trash volume and keeps more waste out of our landfills.

Read our Disposal Disclosure – – Please call 763-757-7100 for current schedule