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Many people believe that items can go in their home and office garbage cans or out into the dumpsters. The truth is that regulations prohibit numerous items from being disposed of in that manner. Here’s some helpful information about common items that are not allowed in the trash.

Real Facts About Waste in the U.S.

New York magazine released an article not too long ago that talked about the most common items people throw in the trash. Food waste, socks, rigid plastics, and dry cleaner bags were the most common. 36% of the garbage most people tend to throw away is recyclable, which means they’re not using proper practices to separate their waste.

5 Items for Recycling Pickup Not General Trash

Each state has its own set of rules about which items are not allowed in the trash and which are. For example, Minnesota prohibits car batteries, medical waste, and liquid waste from being sent to landfills. California has a more comprehensive ban prohibiting those three items plus electronics, paints, tires, medical sharps, cell phones, and more. That particular state also requires its residents to recycle certain items. Examples of things that Californians need to recycle are carpets, aluminum cans, and newspapers.

Georgia state requires car battery and motor oil recycling and has a host of items that cannot go into regular trash cans and dumpsters. These include yard waste, CRTs, and the things mentioned above.

The following are the five most common items for recycling pickup not allowed in the general trash:


Homeowners and apartment dwellers may be tempted to throw their used electronics in the general trash, but they don’t belong there. Items such as computers, mobile phones, and video gaming systems can damage the environment and cause destruction. They have much better uses, such as recycling projects and donations. Many people are interested in purchasing broken and used electronics to fix them as well. Therefore, owners of such items should consider offering them in a yard sale, flea market, or online sale.


Batteries shouldn’t go into the general trash because of the caustic and toxic acid they contain. They can cause severe burns if they explode while being transported, and they should not be taken to landfills in the first place.

Car Fluids

Car enthusiasts may want to get rid of their oil, antifreeze, and other liquids by way of the general trash, but it’s incredibly hazardous to do so. These items are severely toxic to both human beings and animals and should be discarded in the proper way. Certain facilities take used motor oil from residents and then send it to oil companies to filter and recycle. Special recycling centers can also take antifreeze. The best way to collect these items when draining them from a vehicle is to empty them into an appropriate collection pan and then place them into old containers for transport.


Paints are another common item individuals like to dump out with regular garbage. This action is vastly dangerous because it releases toxic chemicals into the air. Furthermore, paint and solvent liquids can seep into the soil and affect plants and the humans and animals who eat from those plants. Certain municipalities have paint disposal programs for people who have leftover paint when finishing projects. Furthermore, charity organizations may be interested in taking the paint to work on current housing projects.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are also bad items to throw in the general trash, though many people do. Some of them contain mercury and traces of florescent materials, which can harm soil and water if they’re released.

Possible Consequences of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste that gets placed in the trash can harm other people, animals, and plants when it gets into the environment. Not only that but you could be charged fines or reported to a governmental entity if your actions affect the company that houses you. An example of such a place would be a condominium association or apartment complex.

If you own a business or a home, improper trash disposal methods can cause the garbage service to not remove waste anymore. This action can happen, whether you’re using a state or governmental trash pickup program or a local service provider.

Who To Contact for Recycling Pickup Service

LePage & Sons is a full-service provider that offers much more than trash disposal services. The company has been operating for 20 years as a family-owned business in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. You can feel confident contacting them about recycling pickup, residential garbage service, commercial trash service, roll-off dumpster rentals, big item pickup, and storage containers.