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Recycling Facts

Recycling is one of the easiest and best ways to get involved in the eco-friendly movement. Taking out a few minutes of each day to sort through your plastic and paper waste to get them into the right bins can make a huge difference. Get your friends and family involved too and spread the word! […]

How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

After a crazy 2020, we’ve all gotten a lot more familiar with the inside of our houses. You may have noticed that the inside of your home has come environmentally-friendly lacking areas. Whether that is the windows that obviously leak air, a drippy faucet, or a lack of a recycling system, there are some easy […]

Sustainable Spring Cleaning

The last few weeks in central Minnesota sure have felt a lot like spring. With spring comes everyone’s favorite activity, spring cleaning! Opening those windows, letting in fresh air, and releasing the dust bunnies that have been hiding out all winter. Just the thought of it makes you feel better, right? That is, until you […]

How to Encourage Recycling in Your Home

You may have already begun your carbon footprint-reducing journey, but now you may be wondering how you can make a bigger difference. The easiest answer to that question is to get others involved. Whether that means your family and friends, or your neighbors and greater community, every person you can encourage to make a difference […]

What Determines If Something Can Be Recycled?

When you’re sorting through your recyclables, you probably already have a system. You sort by material, right? Plastic goes with plastic, paper goes with paper, etc. In reality, what makes something recyclable is much more complicated than that. Luckily there are resources to help you figure out what can and can’t be recycled. Check out […]

How to Encourage Workplace Recycling

Whether you work in a small office or in a large retail store, a recycling program can make a huge impact. Many workplaces have recycling bins available to employees and customers, but oftentimes just providing a bin is not enough. Education, encouragement, and incentives are required to see success. Form a recycling committee Find a […]

Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  A carbon footprint is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from a product. This includes the production, use, and waste of each product. A person or business’s carbon footprint is how much greenhouse gas emissions they are creating by the use of all the products they use. You can calculate your own […]

The 4 R’s and What They Really Mean

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know how important it is right now to cut down our waste as a species. There is garbage infesting our waterways, suffocating our wildlife, and polluting our forests. The four R’s probably burned into your brain from all those Earth Day presentations at school or work, […]

What Do the Numbers on Plastics Mean?

In an average American home, you can find tons and tons of single-use, recyclable plastic. We store our produce in it, we get our take-out food in it, even our pets toys come in plastic packaging. But, if you look closely at each of these different types of packaging you will notice a number from […]