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Did you know? Americans generate an average of 25% more trash following the holidays than any other time of year. If you did the math, that’s 25 million tons of added waste on top of the regular amount collected each week. I’m sure most of us can relate to the mess on Christmas morning after everyone tears open their gifts tossing the wrapping and ribbon to the side. Of course, all the packaging, gift wrapping, and extra eating are going to cause more trash overall.

How Come There’s Garbage Overflow After Christmas?

The holidays are a time when the consumption of products increases dramatically across the country. Whether they order items online or shop in retail stores, they purchase products for entertaining, decorating, and gift-giving.

Most consumer goods, even foods, contain cardboard, plastic, cellophane, and Styrofoam packaging to protect them from damage or going bad. While most would agree that they realize they generate extra trash during this time of year, they may need to put more thought into reducing their contributions. If everyone made strides to reduce their waste or sign up for your local recycling service, it would reduce the burden on our waste disposal sites and help reduce pollution and alleviate stress on landfills and even unauthorized dump zones.

Christmas Overflow Trash Ideas

There are many ways to recycle your extra trash and waste products during the holiday season. Regarding food waste, plenty of options help your environment and your community. You’ll likely produce waste from leftover fruit and vegetable trash when you purchase additional food for the holidays. Also if you don’t have a recycling service, this is a great time to start! We’ve added helpful ways to get into the holiday spirit of giving back to our planet, including:

  • Composting leftovers from those big holiday dinners and snack trays.
    • There are plenty of new gadgets available online that even do the hard work for you, and they make a great Christmas idea.
  • Use the compost to fuel your indoor and/or outdoor plant life and vegetation.
  • If you choose not to recycle, utilize the extra paper and cardboard in your next fire to provide warmth instead of costly firewood.
  • Instead of tossing those gift boxes away, reuse them as storage bins for other stuff in your home.
  • Turn your paper waste into future craft project ideas for your family.

Choose Your Local Recycling Service This Christmas

As mentioned earlier, the holidays are the best time to sign up for your local recycling service in addition to your regular trash pickup. LePage & Sons are family-owned and operated, featuring residential garbage service and commercial trash service, along with various other resources to help with waste management.

We proudly service residents in Andover, St. Francis, Cambridge, Isanti, and Ramsey!

Please contact us today at (763) 757-7100 for more information regarding one of our services, or if you have any questions. We truly wish you and your family a Happy Holidays!

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