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How To Properly Dispose of Christmas Trees

Decorating for the holiday season dates back to the Middle Ages. The tradition quickly spread throughout Europe, and eventually made its way to the U.S. in the late 18th century.

People cut trees for their homes and to decorate their outdoor property for the holidays. They did not have the disposal options that are available to people today who need to know how to properly dispose of a Christmas tree. The invention of artificial Christmas trees likely presented another issue with disposing of Christmas trees.

Learn how to properly dispose of your Christmas tree in a safe manner. It is important to know that there are several risks involved in disposing of your tree in the wrong way. Many people rely on the professional services of Lepage & Sons for general trash pickup service, including safe, proper disposal of Christmas trees.

How To Not Dispose of Christmas Trees

Do you think that simply throwing the dried-out Christmas tree on the curb or in the backyard for the birds to enjoy is a good way to dispose of your Christmas tree? You are increasing the risk of fire, even if your tree is outside the home.

Many common varieties of Christmas trees, including pine trees, firs, spruce trees, and some other varieties of Christmas trees contain a resin that is potentially flammable. This is especially true once the tree dries out.

Do not dispose of your Christmas tree in the incorrect way, and risk a fire at your home or business. Dried-out Christmas trees still present a risk of catching fire, in your home, outside your home or business, in your yard, your garage, or anywhere else where you dispose of your Christmas tree in an unsafe manner.

Rely on the services of a trusted company that offers a service guarantee, and that has more than 20 years of experience of keeping communities safe and clean.

How To Properly Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

Do not assume that it is safe to simply throw your tree to the curb and hope that someone picks it up. Some sources recommend that you take your tree somewhere that allows birds to enjoy it. Unless you take it to a bird sanctuary that specifically accepts Christmas trees, you are running the risk of causing a major fire in your community.

So how do you properly dispose of your Christmas tree?

Some safe ways and eco-friendly ways to dispose of your live Christmas tree include:

  • Upcycle the tree by chopping it up for firewood
  • Chip the Christmas tree into mulch
  • Take your tree to a recycling center
  • Compost the tree to extend its use
  • Make wooden coasters or other wooden home décor items from the tree
  • Improve the fish habitat of your private pond by sinking the tree into the pond for fish to enjoy

What About Artificial Christmas Trees?

Are you surprised to learn that artificial trees have a risk of catching fire, the same as a live tree? The invention of the artificial Christmas tree solved the issue of buying a new tree every year for many homes and businesses. What many people likely do not know is that there is a risk of these trees catching fire, including the pre-lit style of artificial trees.

Shoppers looking for the perfect Christmas tree are sometimes misled when they see the term “flame-retardant” on the box or in advertisements for pre-lit artificial trees. Artificial trees that catch fire can quickly consume a room or home with a rapidly progressing fire.

So, how do you properly dispose of your artificial Christmas tree? Some suggestions include:

  • Donate your artificial Christmas tree to an agency such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill or a local community agency
  • Sell an artificial Christmas tree that is still in good condition
  • Repurpose artificial trees by using branches to make wreaths or other holiday décor items
  • Trash it by calling your local waste solutions company

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