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Small Contributions Make A Big Impact

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Reports on plastic pollution statistics in the United States show there are up to 8 million metric tons of plastic waste entering the ocean every year. This is just one of many devastating plastic pollution statistics signaling it’s time for us to band together to clean up our environment. Along with millions of tons of plastic pollution currently clogging up our oceans, global research shows the United States is responsible for almost 20% of the world’s plastic pollution, creating over 40 million metric tons of trash as of 2016.

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If you’re one of many who care enough to make a difference but don’t understand how your small contribution can add up to a big impact, then here are a few ways to help change the direction our country is going right in your community:

Boost Local Sustainability Efforts

Boost sustainability efforts in your neighborhood by making positive environmental impacts. Making small contributions to our environment doesn’t have to be complicated. Do your part by making small changes in a few everyday habits. Homeowners and apartment dwellers can simply reduce their negative impacts on the environment by conserving energy, recycling, and refusing single-use products.

Engaging in one or more of these activities can help make a positive impact on the environment and reverse the effects of global environmental issues that are causing major damage.

Tips for Energy Conservation at Home

Energy Conservation is the practice of using less energy while performing everyday tasks. Conserving energy helps save the environment by reducing carbon emissions. Energy conservation does more than benefit the environment. It can also extend the life of your electronic devices, making energy conservation a win-win for everyone!

There are several ways to conserve energy — you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Electronics placement

According to researchers, placing heat-producing home electronics and appliances near your air conditioner will cause the unit to work harder and run longer than necessary when sensing the heat from nearby electronics.

Thermostat Adjustments

Lowering your home thermostat and the thermostat on your water heater by just a few degrees can save almost 20% on your heating or cooling bill and reduce the energy drain on local power grids.

Local Environmental Action Agencies

If you want to make a bigger impact on the environment but you’re not sure where to start, join a state, national, or global community cleanup effort like the Great Global Cleanup sponsored by Earthday.org. Environmental action agencies are federal, state, and local organizations created by environmental activists to help protect the environment and its inhabitants.

These earth-friendly agencies work together to lobby governments, conduct environmental research, raise environmental awareness, and provide environmental resources for neighborhoods and people who want to help make a difference in their world.

Recycling Plastic

Reducing the effects of plastic pollution in our communities begins at home with recycling. Recycling involves transforming everyday plastic and reusable waste materials into new substances and products we can use over and over. We recycle by breaking down waste materials into their basic elements and then creating new products from these elements.

Recycling helps in reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of, and also helps in reducing pollution. Most neighborhoods have a central recycling drop-off location where members of the community can drop off loads of recyclable materials. Check with your local waste service or recycling pickup to learn more about these locations in your neighborhood.

You can recycle a variety of products, including the following.

  • Plastics
  • Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Metal
  • Electronic waste
  • Car battery recycling

More Tips for Helping the Environment at Home

Refuse Single-Use Items – Buy in bulk instead!

Rechargeable Batteries – Buy batteries you can recharge instead of replacing them.

Reusable Grocery Bags – Invest in reusable grocery bags to reduce the effects of plastic pollution.

Reusable Coffee Cups – Reduce your paper and plastic trash output by reusing coffee cups and other drinking cups.

Find A Local Recycling Pickup Service

Local to Cambridge, Isanti, St. Francis, Ramsey, and Andover, Lepage & Sons offers commercial and residential recycling pickup for plastics, boxes, metal, paper, and glass.

Our local waste service makes it easy for individuals to get started by offering residential online sign-up options for services. They also offer big item recycling for stuff too large to place in your typical recycling bin.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you’re interested in renting one today! Contact us at: (763) 757-7100.