Top 3 Reasons to Rent Storage Containers

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Storage containers are an excellent way to keep belongings secure. Often used for moving items (especially long-distance), they are a versatile alternative to storage units. Storage containers are commonly used not just for transport or storage of personal items, but also by manufacturers and retailers. In this article, we’ll break down what storage containers are used for and the top three reasons they’re a great option.

Storage Containers vs. Storage Units

Most people have heard of storage units, which are facilities where you can rent a space to store items long-term. This is usually in a single location alongside many other secured storage units.

Storage units are confined to a single off-site location by their nature. That means you have no control over where your belongings will be kept. If you need frequent, easy, or unforeseen access, off-site storage units quickly become a pain.

Storage containers are a bit different. They are made to be transported. Most storage container rental companies deliver the container to your home so that you can pack your belongings into it, either to store right on your property or to transport elsewhere.

Storage Container Rentals - LePage & Sons - Storage Units

Storage Containers vs. Storage Units

Why Rent a Storage Container?

So why should you rent a storage container, especially when compared to other options? The following three reasons should be motive enough to consider renting one in the future:

Easy Setup & Transport

You can place storage containers practically anywhere. You don’t require any foundation as they can be stored directly on the ground. Receiving and setting up your storage container is easy, and you have many options for where to place it. You can rent them for as long as you like and they can be moved wherever you go.

Storage containers are also made to transport items, which makes moving a breeze. Once your items are in the container, it’s quick and simple to load them onto a moving truck.

Quick Access

Because storage containers are made for at-home storage, you can quickly access your belongings. You won’t have to drive to a storage facility or worry about the security of your possessions. Storage containers are secure and durable — and they are within mere footsteps of your door. This combines the best elements of professional storage with keeping items at home. For many people, this provides a unique peace of mind.

Various Sizes Available

Storage containers free up space in the home for comfortable living space. For most people, storage at home or inside their business will be very limited. Most structures simply aren’t built with massive storage in mind.

While most storage units are one of a few standard sizes, there is much more variety in storage container sizes. These can accommodate everything from small personal belongings to huge items like furniture, professional equipment, machinery, and more.

Where Can You Rent Storage Containers?

LePage and Sons is a local trash pickup service that also offers storage container rentals to Cambridge, Isanti, St. Francis, Ramsey, and Andover. We’ll deliver it right to you, whether it’s at your home, work, or cabin. Made of weather-resistant steel, each storage container rental is designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions known to happen in Minnesota.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you’re interested in renting one today! Contact us at: (763) 757-7100.